Cooperation Agreement with J+G Group for North America

NEWBURYPORT, MA, USA – AUGUST 25, 2014 – ZAMPELL COMPANIES – In July 2014, a cooperation agreement was signed with the J+G Group focusing on the North American waste incineration market. Just like Zampell, J+G is a medium sized, family-run business located in Schwetzingen, Germany. They share common values and philosophy by having a dedication to engineering and product development for the benefit of the client. Just like Zampell in North America, J+G has a high market share in the European waste incineration sector.

The objective of the cooperation is to mutually introduce, establish and market the JuSyS tile systems and technology in North America. J+G offers unique solutions and information that can give a new perspective to Zampell and its clients on refractory maintenance and repairs. Zampell’s COO, Brian J. Zampell, and J+G’s CEO, Markus Horn, also see further opportunities for cooperation in other business sectors.

When asked about the agreement, Brian Zampell commented that, “At Zampell, we are consistently looking for new ideas that can improve our service to our customers. These ideas may range from product selection to system designs to installation concepts and beyond. Our goal is to create an open dialogue and technology exchange with the J+G Group and help mutually build our businesses.”

Zampell is a merit shop service organization that is chiefly involved with the engineering and construction of refractories and insulation within the industrial sector. It is a family-owned business that was established in 1966 and continues to grow due to its core value of quality craftsmanship. Zampell has branch offices in Massachusetts (headquarters), Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Oregon. Zampell also owns the Danish subsidiaries Schmidt & Danielsen, A/S and Refcon A/S. For more information on the Zampell family of companies please visit their website at or by phone at 1-877-ZAMPELL.