About Us

Founded in 1966, Zampell is family-owned company focused on growth aligned with its core values of safety, dedication to its employees, dedication to its customers, and quality craftsmanship.

Zampell is chiefly involved with the engineering and construction of refractories, insulation, scaffolding, coatings, and corrosion within the industrial and commercial sectors, and facilities management in all sectors. Through its affiliates, Zampell also provides specialty refractory manufacturing, components, and facilities related products for distribution. It was established in 1966 by Tom Zampell and continues to grow due to its core value of quality craftsmanship.
Zampell is headquartered in Massachusetts and has branch offices in Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Oregon, and California. Zampell also has a subsidiary, Zampell A/S, with locations in Jutland and Sjælland in Denmark, and subsidiaries Zampell Ltd. and Vulcan Refractories, Ltd. in the UK. It also operates ZAR-Tech, a refractories distribution company with locations in Massachusetts, Oregon, and California.
Meet The Team
Our team brings together a broad spectrum of capabilities, the most important being a dedication to leadership with integrity.
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Brian Zampell
President & CEO
Tel: (978) 499-5154

James Zampell
Chairman of the Board
Tel: (978) 499-5137

Steve Murphy
CFO & Vice President of Finance
Tel: (978) 499-5124

Sean Case
COO - Zampell USA Operations
Tel: (978) 499-5136

Gary Dukes
Managing Director - European Operations
Tel: +44 (0)1538 758801

Lee Rollins
Vice President - Sales & Engineering
Tel: (978) 499-5133

Joe Flynn
Vice President - Zartech
Tel: (978) 499-5179

Jason Heath
Vice President - Safety & Human Resources
Tel: (978) 499-5159

Joseph Sousa Rowley, MA

Joseph Sousa
Vice President - Information Technology
Tel: (978) 499-5171
Mission Statement
At the Zampell Companies, our FOCUS is on providing outstanding and ever improving service to our customers by exceeding expectations and increasing efficiencies through productivity and technological improvements.

Through careful hiring, training, continuous process improvements and an ever-vigilant safety program, our COMMITMENT is to our family of employees, striving to provide job satisfaction, growth opportunities and financial security.

Regardless of the service or product, our HERITAGE at the Zampell Companies is craftsmanship, because excellent quality is our reputation and our overriding goal.

Why Zampell?
Customer Centric Approach
Zampell has set itself apart as a company due to its openness to change and its ability to respond to the changes it sees in industry and in its individual customers. A perfect example of this is within how Zampell has refocused itself under a consolidated brand and a customer centric approach. Zampell puts each customer at the center of its operational focus and revolves its entire service portfolio around that single line of contact.
Culture of Safety
As a family business, safety is our first goal in what we do. We start every job, every day, with a pre-shift stretching routine and a pre-shift briefing. This prepares each craftsman both physically and mentally to meet the challenges of working in an industrial setting.
Focus on Craftsmanship
The legacy of Tom Zampell is found in the work we do every day. As a craftsman himself, he took pride in a job being done right the first time. We all strive to uphold his tradition and foster an environment that rewards the true craftsmen who not only work with their hands, but also their heart. Each year, Zampell rewards the top craftsman in each region with the annual Tom Zampell Award for Craftsmanship.
Hiring the Best People
No company can be successful without having the ability to put its trust in good people and build a business around that person. At Zampell, our customers can find the finest people that the industry has to offer in terms of technical knowledge, experience, and innovation. Since Jim Zampell took over the company in 1980, he has consistently reinforced the need for engineering and innovation, and this has kept Zampell at the forefront of its competition.
Positive Work Environment & Personal Development
The high standards for work are carried over to having high standards for the environment in which Zampell’s employees work. Zampell continually reinvests in improving its facilities, equipment, tools, and other needs to keep a positive, proactive environment where its employees can come to work. Zampell also maintains a strong support staff of Human Resource personnel who ensure that all of Zampell’s employees are managed fairly and positively with a goal oriented structure for individual growth.
Innovation & Engineering
While Zampell is a diverse company with a variety of different industrial services that it can provide, its history in its core business of refractory has created a culture of innovation and practical engineering solutions for its customers. Due to the diversity of services and applications that Zampell can provide, we believe that Zampell can provide more innovative and practical solutions by drawing on experience that may be outside of just refractory or just one particular industry. Zampell also focuses on the continual evaluation of new technology and new vendors to understand the potential new solutions available in the industry.
Growth Oriented
Zampell’s approach to growth is unique in the fact that it has multiple motivations that are beyond the simple motivations of financial gain. In addition to revenue growth, Zampell seeks to encounter new customers and new industries that can add to its abilities and foster new avenues for innovation. Zampell also strives to meet its goals in personnel development, so it must grow as a business to match its objectives for personal growth.
Community Stewardship
Zampell is unique in its approach to the communities in which it has built its infrastructure. Zampell believes that the areas in which it has grown have also provided a benefit to the company, and has a proactive and positive approach to giving back to the community. Zampell believes that giving back to the community meets its principles as a company and helps to improve the environment in which its employees make their home.

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