Office Spaces

Corporate clients select Zampell for its efficiency in identifying and solving common facility issues that impact the productivity of its tenants. Whether these buildings hold 10 or 1,000 people, plumbing or electrical problems can grind progress to a halt, severely impacting a company’s profitability. Zampell FM prides itself on having procedures in place to quickly identify and resolve issues that get your workforce back to their desks and your operations up and running efficiently.

“We are most successful when no one knows we exist! Our goal in a corporate environment is to make sure office and conference spaces are pristine to the point that everyday activities function without interruption. We never want one of our facilities to encounter issues, but when they do, we mobilize quickly and efficiently to return the space to full operability.” – Garrett Seaverns, division manager

Why Zampell? Because people are more productive in clean and comfortable spaces.

Typical services we provide to our corporate clients include: