First Aid / Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

Example Specification of Services

The AED contractor will:

  • Perform extended preventative maintenance on AED units when required due to rough handling, exposure to extreme environmental factors, or other situations leading to client concern for proper AED functionality.
  • Inspect the unit according to manufacturer’s instructions, check pad expiration dates, verify battery level and review stored error codes from self-testing as applicable.
  • Perform full testing of all rescue functionality including shocking for VF and verifying no shock for NSR and asystole.
  • Client receives results in printed format.
  • Cost of any needed parts or consumables is not included.
  • Service may be performed on or off site.

The First Aid Kit contractor will:

  • Provide adequate first aid boxes for the potential occupants in the building.
  • Conduct regular inspection of the boxes and replace contents as they are depleted.
  • Service will be based on providing the inspections and replacement of consumables is not included.