Example Specification of Services

  • Services – Spring
    • Sweeping and Blowing: Contractor will clear premises of winter sand accumulation including sand against and under fences, curbs, lawn, and edges of the building. Contractor will use hand-held blowers in areas not accessible by power sweepers. Sand will be hauled offsite and disposed of. Work will be completed on a weekend.
    • Spring Cleanup: Contractor will rake lawn, clean shrub beds and patio of all debris. Contractor will repair damaged lawn areas by raking, adding loam as necessary, fertilizing, liming and seeding. Shrubs, hedges and trees will be pruned to remove winter damage and trimmed as necessary. Contractor will turn over mulch, add new hemlock mulch to all beds, and edge all beds.
    • Irrigation System: Contractor will turn on the sprinkler system, readjust sprinkler heads as needed, and adjust timer settings as needed.
    • Fertilizer: Contractor will use a licensed fertilizer company to perform the services in this section, services will be performed in early spring, and all SDS will be submitted to and approved prior to application. Services will include the application of grub and crabgrass control to lawn, preventative weed treatment for lawn areas with mature grass, and a single-application fertilizer and weed control product for flower and shrub beds. Pre-emergence treatment will be used according to manufacturer’s directions and in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Services – Fall Cleanup
    • Contractor will clear premises of leaves and debris and will remove dead flowers from beds.
    • Fertilizer: Winterizing fertilizer will be applied in early November, subject to the fertilizer requirements for spring application.
    • Lime: Contractor will apply lime once annually at least one week before the winterizing fertilizer application, on a day with no perceptible wind. The lime used will be ground agricultural limestone and will be delivered to the client in the manufacturer’s packaging. The lime hopper must cover all areas evenly with 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet. No lime may be applied to shrub beds or trees, and the lime is to be thoroughly watered before fertilizer application.
    • Irrigation System Shutdown: Contractor will prepare the sprinkler system for winter by purging the system of residual water via use of compressed air and by adjusting timer settings as necessary to shut off the system for the winter.
  • Services – Seasonal Care
    • Mowing: Contractor will mow lawn weekly and clippings will be collected and properly disposed of off-site, including clippings on walkways and paved areas. Lawns and shrubs will be cleared of rubbish and debris prior to mowing. Edges will be trimmed with a power string trimmer. Areas inaccessible to mowers will be trimmed by hand or with a power string trimmer. Beds will be re-edged as necessary to maintain a clean, sharp edge.
    • Trash and Debris: Contractor will continually monitor all exterior areas for trash and debris, which will be placed in the dumpster or bagged and hauled off site.
    • Fertilizer: Lawn will be fertilized twice each summer, once with a straight fertilizer product and once with a fertilizer product combined with insect control, subject to the fertilizer requirements for spring and fall application.
    • Weed Control: Contractor will maintain all non-lawn outdoor areas in a weed-free condition. Contractor will obtain permission before using chemicals to retard weed growth, and SDS will be provided prior to any chemical application.
    • Flowers: Flowers will be planted in shrub beds and will be placed to ensure sprinkler coverage. Contractor will be responsible for flower plants’ survival for 30 days from the planting. After 30 days, contractor will not be responsible for survival of all flowers, but will replace losses if requested and at customer’s expense.
    • Shrubs: Shrubs will be trimmed as necessary to maintain a manicured appearance at all times. Trimmings will be raked from the beds and lawn and disposed of off-site.
    • Brush Trimming: Once per season the entire fence line will be treated with an herbicide, within one foot of each side.