Example Specification of Services

  • Opening Procedure:
    • Contractor will clear all sidewalks, steps, building entrances, gate entrances, and parking areas prior to 7:00 AM upon any accumulation of snow or ice. Sidewalks and walkways will be cleared from the edge of the building to the edge of the street. Fire hydrants within 100 feet of the building will be cleared of snow. Ice Melt will be evenly applied on all sidewalks and steps.
    • Contractor will evenly apply sand and Ice Melt to driveways, the parking lot, the loading dock area, and other potentially slick driving areas prior to 7:00 AM upon accumulation of snow or ice. Sand and Ice Melt will be reapplied to all slick areas as needed for the safety of employees.
    • Contractor will immediately clear snow in a four foot perimeter of outside emergency generator, dumpster, fuel tills, fire hydrants and air conditioning units. Contractor will also create a clear path from the generator to the building.
    • Contractor will ensure access to all vehicles and equipment on the premises, and that vehicles and equipment are not plowed in.
  • Maintenance Procedure
    • Contractor will provide additional snowplowing, sanding, de-icing and snow removal throughout a continual snowfall or ice problem, and will clear sidewalks and driveways of snow mounds left by town snowplows, or from drifting.
    • Upon accumulation of two inches of snow or ice during working hours, contractor will maintain safe vehicle and pedestrian ingress and egress, including exit doors and fire escapes, throughout the duration of the snowfall.
    • Contractor will monitor premises including all walkways, driveways and stairways for ice conditions when the temperature fluctuates above and below freezing and will provide sanding and de-icing.
  • Cleanup Procedure
    • The day immediately following a snowfall, snow will be plowed to the bare surface as much as possible for all accessible surfaces, and sand or Ice Melt will be evenly applied to all areas that may have a slick surface. Contractor will perform this service at least once after each snowfall at a time when the parking lot is clear of vehicles or at customer’s discretion.