Waste Disposal

Example Specification of Services


  • Run and check overall operation of Compacting machine.
  • Check hydraulic system for loose fittings, weak hoses, and loss of pressure.
  • Hydraulic oil level.
  • Condition of hydraulic oil.
  • Clean limited switches and contact points.
  • Inspect and test all safety features for proper function, E-Stop Button, Hydraulic Safety Valves
  • Check alignment of packing ram.
  • Check ram guide shoes.
  • Check ram common wear points.
  • Check condition of ram wiper.
  • Remove debris and clean behind ram.
  • Inspect entire structure for stress cracks
  • Lubricate all moving parts and ram guides


  • Mass disposal of all waste and recycling will be conducted regularly based upon
    • Volume of Waste Containers Present
    • Cost Effective Balance of Waste Volume versus Container Capacity