Janitor cleaning hospital roomPatients visiting most outpatient, extended care or hospice facilities have bigger things to worry about than a burst pipe, a messy lunchroom or snowplowing. Yet, when these inconveniences affect their ability to function within their own physical restrictions, the influence can be catastrophic. Zampell professionals are keenly aware of the negative impact a malfunctioning environment can have on a patient, their family and guests, and staff. Therefore, we strive to keep our healthcare facilities operating at the highest level possible to support and respect the sensitive care being given within.

“I find my work extremely satisfying and look forward to each and every day. One of the things I enjoy most is the ability to meet patients, attend to their needs however I can, and get to know their stories. I feel grateful for the perspective I’ve gained from working in a healthcare environment through Zampell and think our involvement in this industry is a special gift we can give to our clients and their patients.” – Teofilo (Teo) Miranda, facility supervisor

Why Zampell? Because we truly understand that the healthcare environment is comprised of more than just the facility.

Typical services we provide to our healthcare clients include: