iStock_000001963782Large_purchased_TrustsFor Trusts and Vacant Property assignments, Zampell ensures properties remain in good repair until that asset can be delivered to its new agent. We do this through a customized inspection process that identifies and maintains issues in the absence of an on-site property owner.

“We’ve all been in a situation where we couldn’t keep a close eye on something we care about. Whether on vacation or an extended leave of absence, it’s often worrisome to leave things to chance. I’m happy to be able to provide peace of mind to owners who are not able to ensure the positive upkeep of a property themselves. At Zampell, we document inspections and items in need of repair so we can effectively communicate the state in which your property is maintained. And, with our unique comprehensive service offerings, we can address issues without delay, making sure items don’t spin out of control. I know how much this means to me, and I’m happy to provide this reassurance to others.”  – Colin Hayes, facility manager

Why Zampell? Because we maintain the high quality spaces you care about most.

Typical services we provide to our Trust clients include, but are not limited to: