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Zampell has a history with Energy from Waste (formerly known as Waste to Energy, also known as Thermal Waste Treatment and Energy Recovery) spanning more than 4 decades.

Zampell’s history with this industry can be traced to the 1970’s when it became involved in the first commercially successful facility in the United States built by Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. in Saugus, MA as a steam supply plant for the GE facility in Lynn, MA.

Since that time, Zampell has grown as the Energy from Waste industry has grown in the United States. Zampell has participated in the design and completion of installations at new boilers since that time, along with repairs at over 50 Energy from Waste customer sites throughout the United States.

A partial list of current clients includes:

  • Wheelabrator Technologies

    Back Cast Repair Tiles | Last Tile Maintenance Replacement

  • Covanta
  • Veolia
  • Riley Power
  • Von Roll


In mass burn units, large quantities of plastics and paper are incinerated in the recovery process, which results in alkalis and chlorides being released which in turn attack refractories. In some waste streams, many metals are present in the process which oxidize and flux with refractories. In addition to these chemicals, the temperature at which the combustion is occurring also can dramatically change material performance and oxidation. The other factor to weigh in the analysis of performance is the overall boiler efficiency and the inlet temperature of the superheater since this will affect corrosion and the life of the boiler itself.

We are continually working with our customers and suppliers to design and develop refractory systems with different material combinations to obtain maximum efficiency. We have always stayed on the cutting edge of technology with silicon carbide monolithic materials and shapes. We currently have a patent-pending tile technology that dramatically improves the performance and endurance of the lining, the efficiency of the boiler, and oxidation resistance.

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Beyond the common mass burn facilities, Zampell is aware and pursuing the latest big ideas from research and development companies who focus on innovating new ways to recover energy from waste. Zampell will continue to invest time and effort involved in the understanding and design of refractory systems for plasma gasification projects. Our pursuits of plasma projects make us one of the few contractors with experience in this new emerging market. Please let us know how we can innovate a way to mate your technology with our refractory solutions.

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Energy from Waste has a variety of demands for insulation, ranging from the boiler itself to custom removable insulation bags on turbines.

Some services that we are happy to provide include:

  • External Wall Insulation and Lagging
  • Custom Turbine Insulation Design, Installation, Removal, and Repair
  • Steam Lines and Other Piping
  • Chemical Treatment Systems
  • External Insulation and Siding on Structures
  • Custom Hatches for Boiler Penthouses

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Plant Services

We complete our turnkey approach to Energy from Waste by offering a full range of additional plant services, along with our core of refractory and insulation.

Our most common additionally provided service to our customers is our custom scaffold erection services that can fit your needs and our needs both inside and outside of your units for the repair and maintenance of your facility. We also regularly sandblast units for our own surface preparation for our refractory products and easily provide this as an additional service for our customers.

Every Energy from Waste customer knows that corrosion is an issue, especially in the ash management areas. Plant siding is a definite need for our customers and we seek to provide solutions that will give more life to the buildings that house these systems.

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