Landfill and Gas Flares

At Zampell, part of our mission in growth of our operation and services is in the management of energy and waste in our society, two of the biggest challenges that face the world today and that will most likely face the world in the future. The generation of greenhouse gases is a tremendous source of concern in the sociopolitical arena and the environmental community as a whole. A response to these concerns is the investment in flares to convert greenhouse gases into byproducts that reduce harmful landfill emissions.

With our multi-craft approach to service, we are happy to service flares by:

  • Building Any Necessary Scaffolding
  • Painting the Exterior of the Flare
  • Removing Any Damaged Areas of the Lining
  • Reinstall New Refractory Lining

Flares are also present at a variety of other facilities with the purpose of conversion of gases. We can also inspect and repair the linings of these pieces of equipment as needed.

Refractory Solutions

The typical linings we install in flares usually include some of the following elements:

  • Foamfrax Spray Linings

    UNIFRAX Foamfrax Grade I

    UNIFRAX Foamfrax Grade I

  • Lightweight Castable
  • Ceramic Fiber Blanket
  • Barrier Materials and Mastics for Chemical Attack

An area where we innovate in performance, long term reliability, and cost effective installation is our growing capabilities with Foamfrax.

Foamfrax is a product developed by Unifrax, which allows us to spray a ceramic lining into a flare versus stack bonding or wallpapering ceramic blanket.

The benefits of this product include:

  • Speed of Installation
  • Uniformity of Performance
  • Cost Effective Solution

As a preferred Unifrax vendor for the Foamfrax product, we are currently conducting installations of this material in Flares throughout the East Coast.

Please click here to have a sales representative contact you for more information about maintaining your flare.