Longtime Zampell employee Ray Flynn is posthumously awarded the Harbison Walker Legends Award at their annual Contractors and Installers meeting.

NEWBURYPORT, MA – SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 – ZAMPELL COMPANIES – Longtime Zampell employee Ray Flynn is posthumously awarded the Harbison Walker Legends Award at their annual Contractors and Installers meeting.  The Harbison Walker Legends Award is awarded to an individual for “Celebrating a career of legendary accomplishment in the refractory industry and honoring a legacy of inspiration for generations to follow.”

According to Pete Antimarino, Sr. Manager for Harbison Walker, “This award is one of the best, most unique awards that we have to offer.”  The first Legends Award was awarded in 2005 to the Zampell founder, Thomas J. Zampell.  Ray Flynn worked for Zampell for over 30 years where he served as Vice President of Engineering and a member of the Board of Advisors.

Ray began with Zampell in 1979 after graduating as a Civil Engineer from Merrimack College. He was Zampell’s first project engineer and began the tradition of hiring engineers out of college and training them the Zampell way. His tremendous work ethic, attention to detail, and practical approach to problem solving quickly made him invaluable to Zampell.

Ray studied the business closely under the guidance of Tom Zampell, learning that there was always a right way to do things, and this always began with making the right decision for the customer.  Ray was promoted to being the Refractory Project Manager for all of the Waste-to-Energy facilities that Zampell helped build throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. As new facility construction slowed, he helped to continue the growth of Zampell into the Southeast.

In recent years, Ray was promoted to being the Vice President of Engineering. His role spanned material specification, lining design, new product development, large project estimation, special project engineering, and servicing Zampell’s core clients.

In 2009, he proudly accepted the Thomas J. Zampell Award for Craftsmanship after 30 years with the company, an award that he cherished since it represents the way in which he aspired to live his life.

Zampell is a merit shop service organization that is chiefly involved with the engineering and construction of refractories and insulation within the industrial sector. It is a family-owned business that was established in 1966 and continues to grow due to its core value of quality craftsmanship. Zampell has branch offices in Massachusetts (headquarters), Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas.  For more information on the Zampell family of companies please visit their website at www.zampell.com or by phone at 1-877-ZAMPELL.