Minerals Processing & Cement

Zampell is thoroughly committed to providing the highest quality products and services to the Cement & Minerals Processing industry. Our considerable engineering skills and technical know how makes us a leader in refractories technology.

Refractories play an integral part in the processing of cement and minerals. Zampell Cement_Mineralsknows how critical your kilns are to your operation. Accordingly, Zampell engineers help, not only with the selection of the proper refractories, but also with recommendations concerning design and construction of refractory linings. Zampell continually delivers ‘On Time’ performance, whether it is a scheduled shutdown or an emergency job.

Zampell utilizes the latest technology, from robotic tear out equipment and pneumatic kiln rigs for kiln brick installations, to the latest equipment for the placement of refractory castables and plastics.

Whether it is castable pumping or shotcreting or gunite applied linings or a simple ramming of plastic refractories, Zampell’s skilled crews and supervisory personnel deliver the highest quality materials and installation method for customer applications of refractories.

Zampell’s commitment to quality is evident by the list of our satisfied customers.

Our partial client list includes:

    • Dragon Products Company
    • Engelhard-BASF Catalysts
    • CE Minerals
    • Kerneos

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