Package Boiler Service Work

Zampell Knows Your Boilers!

Zampell Knows Your Boilers!

From an H.P. Smith to a Cleaver Brooks, Zampell is ready with one of its industry leading service trucks to respond to your needs.

When Zampell was just Zampell Refractories, starting out in Beverly, MA, it built its reputation and business model around servicing package boilers throughout New England.

We at Zampell understand the tremendous dependence that your facility has on your boilers for steam, and our focus to be the contractor that responds to your needs and emergencies.

This core principle of response is ingrained in Zampell in its variety of services due to its understanding of the importance of minimal downtime. Zampell attributes this principle to much of its success and to many of the long lasting customer friendships that the people at Zampell have. Despite the challenges in rapid response, there is nothing more gratifying to the people at Zampell to be able to respond and solve customer’s problems and to stand side by side with them as they face their challenges.

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