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With our growth and focus in the insulation market, a place where we have found that we can excel with our safety and craftsmanship is within the petrochemical industry. Our current growth initiative for the Houston area is an example of our focus on petrochemical growth as this has given us a presence in the heart of the petrochemical industry along the Gulf Coast.

As explained in our description of insulation services, our particular niche in this industry is in areas that require the craftsmanship and conscientiousness for cryogenic applications, especially in LNG facilities.



A partial client list includes:

  • Suez
  • Dominion
  • Sprague
  • Nova Chemical


Zampell regularly provides refractories services in the petrochemical industry, especially through its workshop in Beaumont, TX.  Zampell’s shop-based refractory services are primarily for expansion joints.  The most critical part of a petrochemical operation is the expansion joint that connects each process unit.  Since customers trust Zampell with this critical piece of equipment, they also trust Zampell to provide excellent service in the facilities themselves.  Services in this sector include:

Refractory Lined Expansion Joints For Your Refinery Application

Refractory Lined Expansion Joints For Your Refinery Application

  • Refractory installation
  • API 936 inspection
  • Controlled dryout
  • Qualified oversight through the Zampell QA/QC Program
  • Welding of anchors and hexagonal mesh systems
  • Logistics management
  • Scheduling assistance


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