Safety Philosophy

As it says on the back of our work shirts, "Safety.we live by it!" Being a family business, we pride ourselves on promoting safety with the intent that all of our employees will return home the same way that they came to work.

Safety Standards for Our Customers

Zampell understands that safety is as important to our customers as it is to us. Given this knowledge, we always strive to be the contractor onsite that is consistently a source of peace of mind for our customers. We, as a company, always strive to exceed our customer's safety expectations with our own high expectations.

Safety Standards for Our Employees

Zampell remains at the forefront of contractor safety by having regular training, more intensive training for its supervisors, a staff of safety supervisory personnel, customized job previews for new employees with a focus on safety on the job, and a host of other applications all focused on furthering our progress towards the goal of making safety ever more culturally ingrained with our employees.

For more details on our safety program, please feel free to contact our safety department at 1-877-ZAMPELL.