Providing the essential services for project delivery from concept to ongoing maintenance. Improving performance or concept design to completion and install. Innovation and service is what we do.


From the very beginning, Tom Zampell, our founder, knew that refractories was his passion and would serve as the backbone of Zampell. When it comes to refractories, Zampell does it all.

  • Installation

  • Engineering

  • Product Supply

  • Inspection & Consultancy

  • Supervision & Quality Control

Whatever it is, Zampell can handle all of its clients’ refractory needs globally.

Refractory Components

As Zampell evolved, it grew to other areas of refractories and technical ceramics throughout the globe. These unique solutions include:

  • Fabricated Fiber Modules & Fabricated Fiber Components

  • Manufactured Dense Refractory Ceramics

  • Precast Refractory Shapes

  • Innovative, Integrated Refractory Systems

Zampell, both directly and through its subsidiaries, is positioned to supply high temperature, engineered solutions for the most cutting-edge manufacturing and environmental technologies.

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Since 1981, Zampell has provided mechanical insulation services to its various clients throughout the United States. These services include
  • Industrial Insulation
  • Lagging and Siding
  • Heat Tracing
  • Steam Tracing
  • Insulation Engineering & Design


Jim Zampell had the foresight to diversify his industrial backbone into commercial and differentiated service offerings, creating a facilities management company that found early success in 1990, becoming the first integrated facilities management company for GE Aircraft Engines. In New England, Zampell provides the following services:

  • Turnkey Facilities Management

  • Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

  • Property Management

  • Energy Audits & Advisory Services

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Beginning in 2007 and highlighted by the USS Constitution drydock scaffolding project (see video here), Zampell has proudly added scaffolding, sky climbers, stair towers, and custom access solutions to its service offering throughout the USA.


Zampell has provided sandblasting and coatings services since the very beginning, going back to Tom Zampell’s flooring contracts throughout various industrial sites across New England.

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