The ASK Program

The ultimate goal of the Zampell Safety Department is to have zero incidents and zero injuries on its work sites.

The system that we use to start each shift in order to meet this goal is:

  • Site Safety Analysis
  • Tool Box Talk
  • Pre-Shift Stretch

This process gets every employee mentally and physically prepared for each day’s work

The challenge that we found and the questions we had were:

  • How do we get out employees to carry the spirit of our pre-shift routine through everything they do throughout the day?
  • How do we ultimately get our employees to think before they act?
  • How can we reach the goal of zero incidents and zero injuries?

Our Answer: The ASK Program

The ASK program is simple in nature, and it has two main facets two it: Engagement & Accountability .

Engagement: Employees respond and internalize what they should be doing for safety if they are asked instead of told.

Accountability: Every employee is accountable for their own safety in cooperation with management, the safety department, the supervision, and every other employee.

Safety is part of everyone’s job, not an extra. Every employee is expected to show up to work, do a good job, work hard, and be safe. Safety is a reflection of every employee’s work ethic. Anyone can do a job poorly or unsafely, it always takes an extra step and extra work to get it done correctly and safely.

Before each task, we want every employee and supervisor to engage themselves and each other with these simple questions:

  • What am I about to do?
  • How am I going to do it?
  • What are the hazards?
  • How do I prevent them?

We began this program mid-year in 2008, and we hope it will prove successful in helping us reach our goal of zero incidents and injuries.

Daily Activity Plan

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See an example of how we’ve integrated “ASK” into our daily activity plan!