Zampell Completes Refractory Engineering and Supply for the New Durham York Energy Centre

NEWBURYPORT, MA, USA – APRIL 16, 2015 – ZAMPELL COMPANIES – On February 13, 2015, the Durham York Energy Centre in Canada began processing waste for the first time. Zampell became part of this project in the early stages of development, back in September 2011, to aid in the engineering, design, and supply of a refractory lining for this new waste to energy facility.

The project progressed from a concept, to engineering, to drawings, and finally on to material supply. As part of the supply, Zampell also provided on-site quality control supervision on the installation in order to support the local contractor with the technical aspects of the refractory system. This project is a great development for the greater Toronto area and for Canada as it emphasizes the four R’s of landfill reduction: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover. Waste to energy, a technology that has matured over 100 years, is the most reliable process available to the marketplace for the recovery of waste to make energy in the form of steam and electricity.

In this project, Zampell oversaw the supply and installation of over 150 tons of refractory materials. This included over 1000 square feet of Zampell Advanced Refractory Tiles (ZAR-Tiles). On top of all this, Zampell invested over 400 man hours of engineering and design to generate the various drawings that made this project a success. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Zampell directly oversaw 11 different field design changes to accommodate actual conditions from design conditions that ensured the best possible outcome would be reached.

John Heffernan, Zampell’s Senior Manager of Sales and Engineering commented on the project and said, “I am very proud of the job my team did. To take a facility like this and accommodate a variety of different mechanical suppliers shows the value we can provide. A lot of hard work went into this and I’m proud that it was a success.”

When asked about this project, Brian Zampell said, “Engineering is a core value of the Zampell business. This project is an excellent example of how we can take a mechanical design for a waste to energy facility and adapt our techniques and products. I’m proud of our employees.”

Jim Zampell, Zampell’s President and CEO since 1981, observed, “With forty years of experience in Waste to Energy, we have seen a wide variety of incineration technologies and refractory systems, so from our construction and maintenance experience, we are confident that we can give our customers the best value for their facilities.”

Zampell is a merit shop service organization that is chiefly involved with the engineering and construction of refractories and insulation within the industrial sector. It is a family-owned business that was established in 1966 and continues to grow due to its core value of quality craftsmanship. Zampell has branch offices in Massachusetts (headquarters), Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Oregon. Zampell also has a subsidiary, Zampell A/S with locations in Jutland and Sjælland in Denmark. For more information on the Zampell family of companies please visit their website at