NEWBURYPORT, MA – JANUARY 9, 2017 – ZAMPELL COMPANIES – At an annual year-end gathering of employees in Pennsylvania, Brian Zampell announced the promotion of John Heffernan to Vice President of Sales and Engineering.

John joined Zampell in 2004 in order to help standardize and unify Zampell’s sales approach as Sales Manager. Before Zampell, he had a successful career with Carborundum and Premier Refractories, giving him exposure to a variety of industries and applications in the world of refractories. In his time with the company, he has brought a system of building strategic, achievable goals that have methodically expanded the company across territories and markets and allowed the company to consistently build its sales force in the field. He continued his leadership by taking on the goal of building a cohesive engineering department, starting in 2010. Prior to this, each division managed their own engineers, but his leadership has helped to consolidate strategies and approaches for design, estimating, project management, and talent development. John designed his team around bringing the best value to the Zampell clients, modeled on the practices pioneered by Tom Reilly, the author of Value Added Selling.

Brian Zampell commented, “John serves as a mentor to all of us in the company on a variety of strategic approaches with key clients, engineering and design approaches on our core offerings, and contributes an overall calming voice to our team to keep everyone focused and on track. It’s a much deserved promotion and we’re very proud of his accomplishments.” In response, John said, “Thank you very much. I’m appreciative for the support of all the people at Zampell and I look forward to continuing our success into the future.”

Zampell holds annual events in each of its territories in order to discuss the prior year’s performance, goals for the coming year, and to say thank you to all of its employees. The luncheon has a variety of awards to recognize years of service and exception performance by the employees. It is great opportunity to create a forum as well for all employees to understand the direction of the company, areas where the company can improve, and to gain an audience with the corporate leadership. This particular luncheon was attended by the team from the Pennsylvania office and members of the Zampell corporate team. The promotion was recognized with a great round of applause by all in attendance.

Zampell is a merit shop service organization that is chiefly involved with the engineering and construction of refractories, insulation, and scaffolding within the industrial and commercial sectors, and facilities management in all sectors. It is a family-owned business that was established in 1966 and continues to grow due to its core value of quality craftsmanship. Zampell is headquartered in Massachusetts and has branch offices in Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Oregon, California, and Louisiana. Zampell also has a subsidiary, Zampell A/S, with locations in Jutland and Sjælland in Denmark, and subsidiaries Zampell Ltd. and Vulcan Refractories in Stoke-on-Trent, England. It also operates a janitorial products company, Custodial Partners, in Massachusetts, ZAR-Tech, a refractories distribution company with locations in Massachusetts and New York, and Western Industrial Ceramics, a refractories distribution and fabrication company in Oregon and California. For more information on the Zampell family of companies, please visit their website at