Zartech Achieves ISO 9001 and AS 9100D Certifications

Newburyport, MA, USA – April 4, 2023 – Zartech, Inc., a subsidiary of Zampell Refractories, Inc., successfully achieved the AS9100D and ISO9001 certifications today after passing the final audit stage of its quality control processes and procedures. ISO9001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. It helps organizations to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements, and to enhance customer satisfaction. AS9100D is an aerospace quality control program that incorporates ISO9001 and adds safety and quality elements to ensure supply chain integrity for aviation, space, and defense products.

“I’m very proud of our team for this great achievement. By having this certification in place, Zartech is uniquely positioned to service our aerospace and other investment casting customers for many years to come. This also backs up our dedication to quality with documentation showing the care that our employees put into every product they make,” remarked Joe Flynn, Vice President of Zartech.

Investment casting is a process where typically a wax replica of a desired metal part is coated in a ceramic shell, and then heated until the wax melts, leaving a void in the shape of the part. The void is then filled with molten metal, which solidifies to create the final product. This process is used to produce high-precision, complex-shaped parts for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, medical, and power generation. The cooling rate of metals affect the hardness and ductility of the parts. Zartech supplies its clients with custom refractory insulations that help its clients successfully manage the cooling rate of the molds, making their process more efficient and higher quality. The ISO9001 and AS9100D certifications demonstrate Zartech’s commitment to the aerospace industry and the unique demands of the investment casting process.

Brian Zampell, President & CEO of Zartech, said, “Thank you to all of our employees for their great work on this project. As an overall business, we pride ourselves on quality and to achieve ISO9001 and AS9100D is an endorsement of that dedication. Good job everyone!”

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